Rehabilitation of the service rooms under the roof into a 2 bedroom apartment in a XVIII century building in the right bank historical neighborhood of Versailles

Date du projet :01/06/2015
Coût :138 000 € HT
Surface :105 m2 au sol
Localisation : Rive droite Versailles

Builders Adventis

The owners living abroad, wanted to add an apartment in their building, using the servant quarters in the attic.
The architects have highlighted the advantages of the space creating a bright and cozy nest.
The ceilings were removed to gain height and were fully insulated.
After taking down all the inner walls, the architects reorganised the space, playing with existing skylights and roof windows, creating a home with natural light. The building materials were carefully chosen to be elegant yet solid for rental.
Accustomed to working with foreign-based clients, the architects manage the project from A to Z in studies and construction, with easy communication thanks to Internet.