The important réhabilitation of a 3 story house that was the old vicarage before being used as the village town hall for a few decades. With the adding of a modern part and a new garage in the garden.

Date du projet :30/06/2016
Coût :-
Surface :182 m2 habitable + garage 56 m2
Localisation : Buc Yvelines

At the limits of the village, against the wall of a quiet and pretty old cemetery and along the forest, the house needed a full réorganisation to meet the needs of a family of 4 after being a town hall for so long.
The 18th century old vicarage with its millstone walls had a nice Est/West axis.
To enjoy the enclosed garden, ours clients wanted to add a large contemporary living area widely open on the afternoon light.
To keep the garden coming till the room windows on the 1st floor, the roof of the extension was planted. It scavenges the rain water and creates a very efficient insulation.
The project enhances the qualities of the old house while giving a contemporary feel closer to the living habits of today.
The light flows in naturally, the sunbeams bath both façades giving a very welcoming feeling to each space.
Fond of mechanics, our client wanted a large garage, as a working space separated from the house.
It has the same green flat roof as the extension keeping the harmony of the enclosed garden.