Second building phase for a 2 townhouses complex. Construction of the second 5 levels town house.

Date du projet :31/05/2010
Coût :147 100 € HT
Surface :100m2 habitables
Localisation : 20ème Paris

In collaboration with the Fassio-Viaud office

After the Fassio-Viaud office of architects build a first house, the clients wanted to add a house, for rental purpose, in the left over space shaped in a long and narrow triangle.
In collaboration with the first architects Elisabeth and Sylvie (HB Architecture) answer to their wooden and steel house by a mirror project,
Presenting a wooden facade on the garden where the first house has a steel and glass facade, and a steel and glass facade on the street where the first house has a wooden facade.
The building had to answer the city urban rules while optimising the leftover space between two existing buildings.
To stay within the short budget we decided to keep the interiors simple and bare.
The focus was on the views and the light on each floor. A priority for architects.