The remodeling of a 26 square meter apartment in Paris under the roofs into a dwelling that has room for 6.

Date du projet :31/05/2013
Coût :44 000 € HT
Surface :24 m2
Localisation : 6ème arrondissement Paris

In the heart of Paris in the 6th arrondissement, on the top floor of a Haussmann building, this dusty 1970 looking apartment needed a complet refreshing.
The owner wanted to change this small apartment into a weekly rental for as many people as possible.
The project was to optimize the space and give it a nice cosy feel.
The architects thought about it with a day version and a night version.
The furniture, beds and sliding doors can unfold and fold back to clear the space in the morning.
The architects used the space under the roof, a non accessible attic, to create a mezzanine with 2 more sleeping accommodations.
To keep the rooms simple and light, white was used as the dominant color. It also enhances the dark wooden floor and the old wooden structure.