Tabacco drying barn

Remodeling of an old tobacco barn into a holiday house.
Project undergoing construction

Date du projet :30/06/2015
Coût :280 000 € HT
Surface :232 m2
Localisation : Langon Gironde

St Loubert
50 km out of Bordeaux, this tobacco barn is made of stone and wood planks. It was built against the farm which is now a family house.
This numerous family wanted to use the barn as a second house for the new generation.
Our goal was to keep the architectural and historical qualities of the building and for them to become an asset to the house.
The high ceiling is preserved in some parts of the house. The long wooden shutters are now blinds.
Views are mainly towards the meadow, the cypress and the corn fields.
The new openings are meant to open towards a country side view while keeping some intimacy in the rooms.
The project favors light while keeping the summer heat from entering.
Ongoing project