Date du projet :10/03/2020
Coût :75.000€ HT
Surface :81m2
Localisation : - Val d'Oise

Rénovation partielle d'un moulin XVIIIème

This is the renovation of parts of an old mill dating partly from the 18th century located in a protected area of the Val d'Oise.
The mil was built along the Viosne river. Its wheel has been removed and an extension replaced it during the 19th century.
Today t is a family home.
The project consisted in redoing the roof of the 19th century extension with historical prescriptions and in remodeling certain more contemporary arrangements (made in the 70s).
On the ground floor in the old common room which became the kitchen, it was about finding a uniform stone floor up to the edge of the river. The kitchen section, now above the water, has a slate floor.
The old barn, now a large living room, has kept its cobblestone floor.
On the second floor, the bathroom under the roof has been transformed into a landing with storage space while a wide corridor has partly transformed into a bathroom with a view of the garden for three adjoining bedrooms.