The remodeling of on ex mural art school into an apartment for a family of 5.

Date du projet :16/01/2012
Coût :90 000 € HT
Surface :90 m2
Localisation : Rive droite Versailles

The challenge was to transform a 90 square meter mural art school into an apartment for a family with 3 children.
The architects had to keep the charm of the 19th century building yet maximise the space to put in all that was needed.
To organise a large common room and give each family member a space of his own, the architects used the high ceilings to create smaller, more cosy areas by adding a mezzanine above the kitchen open on the living area.
A technical strip (kitchen, bathroom furnace etc…) was put up along the neighbouring wall insulating the apartment from its neighbour.
Helped by the height of the space, the architects superimposed the « sleeping corner » of two rooms giving each of them more space and a very personalised room.
Working as a team with a structural engineer enabled the project to take place on the ground floor of a 4 story building in the historical district of Versailles.