Réaménagement complet d’un duplex + terrasse avec vue sur Paris

Date du projet :06/04/2020
Coût :200 000€ HT
Surface :130 m2
Localisation : 16ème Paris

The project is the complete remodeling of a two story penthouse with a beautiful view on the city.
Our goal was the bring into light the assets of the appartment (views and lights) while reorganizing the space so that each room makes the most of the qualities of the space that was offered.
The appartment with its double orientation (Est/West) and its large crossing terrace is a rare jewell in a city.
The original apartment had two bedrooms and a kitchen away from family life.
The project by reversing the system offers 3 quiet rooms on the courtyard facing East, a large kitchen at the heart of the house, enjoying the view and the evening light. It is widely open on a dining room overlooking an ocean of rooftops and beautifull sunsets.
The living room is at level with the terrace.
The staircase, simple yet in full light, links the living and dinning area and allows the view to be a constant backdrop.